Timeshare, Vacation Ownership, Shared Ownership Industry

Aspen National Collections first became involved in the timeshare, or vacation ownership, resort industry in 2000 assisting resorts located throughout the United States and in Mexico in the recovery of consumer debt related to monthly installment loans and annual maintenance fees.

Timeshare resorts lose millions of dollars each year due to delinquent accounts. When an owner fails to pay or falls behind on payments, the ability to collect your money decreases dramatically as time passes. Successful debt collections begin as early as possible.

We can help reduce the frustration of timeshare collections, by pursuing your debtors while you focus on your core business.

  • Default Collections
  • Owners' Associations Dues Collections
  • Deed Back Programs
  • Amnesty Programs
  • Mutual Release Services
  • Campground Collections

Aspen collectors are thoroughly trained in understanding and handling shared interest homeowners or members, whether the resort’s timeshare intervals were sold as deeded-interest or right-to-use. Each day our professional collectors call debtors who reside throughout the world, reminding them of their obligations and encouraging them to rediscover the benefits of their vacation purchase.

Our clients benefit from Aspen’s use of the most current skip-tracing, industry-specific financial risk management modeling, effective tracking and reporting services. Your success is paramount to us. Therefore, we are avid partners with our clients throughout the relationship. That is why most of our business relationships have lasted for many years.

We retain the services of acknowledged experts to ensure we are maintaining regulatory compliance at state and Federal levels. Furthermore, we are fully licensed in those states wherein we are involved in doing business.

You Will Gain These Benefits When You Work With Us:

  • You will be working with people of high standards and principles. We are dedicated to delivering on our promises and will work every single account until it is concluded.
  • At Aspen, we pride ourselves on our client-centric approach. We will customize your collections plan to fit your needs and your resort’s or company’s philosophy.
  • We understand that your customer may just need to have their rights and vacation ownership privileges explained to them, again. In many cases, their failure to pay is caused by their own failure to use their vacation ownership property. Our collectors are trained to understand this and schooled in how best to remind your timeshare owner or member of the value of vacationing to themselves and their families.
  • Aspen is at the forefront of technology when it comes to using online skip-tracing resources and also when it comes to communicating with you, our client. With us, you have the option to upload your bad debt accounts instantaneously and to access account histories, including logged conversations with each and every debtor on a real-time basis, 24/7.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

We abide by all requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, ensuring that the collection of your bad debt is done within the parameters allowed by law.