Welcome to Aspen National Collections

Aspen National Collections is a national debt collection agency with specialized expertise in consumer debt collections for companies involved in timeshare or vacation ownership resorts, educational loans, utility cooperatives and other niches. Our professional collectors are carefully trained to understand your business and to perform their work in a firm, assertive manner, while adhering to Aspen National’s commitment to high ethical standards. At Aspen, we recognize that our success depends on the recovery of your bad debt and we design accounts receivable collection and bad debt collection programs specifically to fit your company's needs.

Aspen National Collections has been building highly-valued, long-term client relationships for more than ten years. While we specialize in helping clients recover unpaid mortgage loans and maintenance fees for resort operations, overdue college loans or outstanding consumer debt to utility cooperatives, we are available to discuss almost any type of consumer loan portfolio requiring a more individualized, customized approach.

Over the years, we have built a stellar reputation and are adept at working with clients located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. We specialize in providing strategy for clients who provide unique, niche products or services. Understanding their business and being able to step in as their representatives, frees them to focus on their core businesses while we handle the collection of their poorly performing accounts. We encourage you to call to discuss how our professional collectors can help you clear backlogged receivables, improve cash flow and provide liquidity to enhance your profitability.

Our team of professionals at Aspen is carefully selected and trained in consumer third-party collections and regulations. Aspen employs high standard in our methodology and technology to acquire debtor information, perform effective skip tracing, impact your debtor's credit history and do timely, effective debtor contact and follow-up. Because of our dedication to becoming thoroughly familiar with your business, we are particularly adept in employing these processes to effectively enhance your portfolio.

Aspen is large enough to offer rates that are competitive while delivering top-level service. At the same time, we are small enough to provide you and your company with attentive, knowledgeable and expert service. No client is ever "too small." Whether your needs are to collect on portfolios with hundreds of accounts or thousands, Aspen will exhaust every effort permitted under law, while treating your debtor with dignity and firmness. Aspen National is in full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and is a member of the American Collectors Association, Inc.

Please contact us today for a non-obligatory proposal to help curb the drain on your portfolio from unpaid accounts.